Garage/Shop Heaters

Trademark Plumbing & Heating Ltd. offers three main types of heating options to heat your workspaces. The most common is a roof hung forced air unit heater controlled by a wall thermostat.  Unit heaters heat up the air in the space quickly and offer a quick response to heat adjustments.

The second type of heating is infrared heaters or radiant tube heaters, which not only warm up your workspace but also warm up objects within your workspace such as tools and workbenches.

Another great option for new construction project is slab heating. Slab heating uses water to heat your floors with the addition of a boiler, tankless hot water heater or hot water tank depending on the size and usage requirements. Trademark Plumbing and Heating Ltd. is always happy to discuss the pros and cons of each system with you and customize a plan to ensure your workspace receives the heating system that best suit your needs.

As always Trademark Plumbing and Heating Ltd. proudly supply, install, service and warrant all their equipment.

Forced Air Garage Unit Heater Brands:

  • Modine
  • Reznor

Infrared/ Radiant Tube Heater Brands:

  • Superior Radiant Products
  • Robert Gordon